The Road to
A Safer DeFi
Joi(n) us as we introduce an innovative token that aligns seamlessly with the interests of $NFAI and provides a game changing insurance protocol with a multitude of benefits for the entire crypto space.
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securitySecurityOne third of fees collected fund an insurance pool, utilized to refund n stakers in case of an emergency
BurningPairing tokens with $N will burn any token paired with each trade.
Yield StakingStake your favorite tokens for yield in n
Price StabilityBy scaling to more pools, price stability is achieved. We aim to be a better option than pairing with Eth or any stable due to burning your communities tokens with each trade.
Protect your Assets$N Contract Address


Hecate is a pioneering (n)surance solution in the NFA Labs ecosystem that offers $N token holders access to funds in case of hacks or rug pulls. The protocol integrates various elements that aims to enhance the safety and security of DeFi investments while fostering collaboration with influencers to promote responsible practices within the crypto space.
By offering a safety net, Hecate encourages broader participation in the DeFi landscape, promoting a resilient and sustainable investment environment. As more users invest in the $N tokens and adopt Hecate, a network effect is also created on $NFAI which increases demand and can potentially lead to higher token prices.Through Hecate, we are enhancing the safety net for investors in the DeFi landscape, ensuring protection, and promoting a resilient and sustainable investment environment to accelerate mainstream adoption.
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